The Seven Deadly Sinsby Nakaba Suzuki


“No matter what lies you tell…you can't lie to your heart.”

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There are these legendary warriors called Seven Deadly Sins that allegedly conspired to overthrow the monarchy in the past. Even now, fearsome royal guards―the Holy Knights―relentlessly pursue them. However, when a girl that desperately seeks the Seven Deadly Sins appears, everything changes! Thus begins a thrilling, heroic fantasy tale.

The Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy comic that has been published in more than 18 countries and, including its sequel Four Knights of the Apocalypse, has printed over 55 million copies in total. Set in medieval Europe, it tells the story of knights representing the seven deadly sins. The anime series has five seasons as of now, attracting fans all over the world!

  • Areas/Countries where comics are published

    Argentina, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States, Vietnam

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    North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, etc.

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    Anime adaptation, Movie adaptation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Battle, Action, Otherworldly, Hero, King, Immortal, Pure main character, Unique personalities, Intriguing characters, Good tempo, Interesting setting, Unique worldview, Genius, Detailed background, Cute characters

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YouTube: From the official The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Channel

Released by Netmarble on June 4, 2019, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a cinematic adventure RPG that recreates the world of popular manga The Seven Deadly Sins, in 3D graphics. It features 3D battles and stunning scenes, faithfully reproducing the original story.
The “Grand Cross” in the title alludes to the epic battle ahead between the Seven Deadly Sins and the forces of darkness, in a work that remains true to the universe of The Seven Deadly Sins anime. The popularity of the series, in synergy with Netmarble's marketing strategy, resulted in more than three million pre-registered users. Immediately after its release, the game achieved the top free app position in both the App Store and Google Play, with the number of users accessing the game in a single day surpassing one million only three days later, and positioned itself as the App Store's top-grossing app scarcely 10 days after its release. By March 2020, the game had been ranked No. 1 in South Korea, the U.S., France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, and had become the top-grossing app in 30 countries worldwide, as well as being awarded Google Play's Best of 2020 Award, the CEDEC (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference) Award, and the MWU Korea Award 2019 for Best Graphics, among many others.
As of 2023, the game continues to be in service, boasting over 60 million downloads worldwide.

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