Cells at Work!by Akane Shimizu



Title Information

The number of cells that exist in each of us is approximately 37 trillion! There are as many jobs (dramas) as there are cells! Featuring anthropomorphized cells that are at work in a human body, Cells at Work! depicts their fight against viruses and bacteria that try to destroy the world (body). When the anime was aired in 2018, with its entertainment aspect both adults and children could enjoy along with its informative nature, it instantly became a mega hit that transcended the boundaries of anime. In 2019, it won the Best Storytelling Award at the Magnolia Awards, the most prestigious award in the Chinese television industry, and in 2021, the TV anime was broadcast on CCTV (China state-owned). Furthermore, a number of spin-offs have been released since then! The series has also been featured on several educational variety shows, and has tied in with various industries from beverages, food, and health care to the government.

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